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“Life is not a bowl of cherries”

but why not? 

With our SMA - Social Media Advanced package you get all the cherries you want! 

What the package includes: 

  • Content and posting frequency: we create and publish creative and engaging posts 2x per week on the social media platforms of your choice to effectively communicate your brand message and reach your target audience. 

  • Clear content planning: We create a detailed content plan that clearly structures the topics, content and publishing times for each platform to ensure a consistent and effective presence. 

  • Reels: We regularly create engaging reels on Instagram to showcase your brand in an entertaining way and encourage interaction with your audience. 

  • Image buying and editing: We take care of buying and professionally editing high quality images that convey your message and attract attention. 

  • Caption and hashtags: We create customised captions that effectively communicate your message and relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts and maximise your reach. 

  • Story and story highlight: We represent you through regular story posts to reach and engage your target audience. We also create story highlights and the corresponding cover image to present important content on a permanent basis. 

Expand your social media presence with our Social Media Marketing Advanced offering. Contact us today to discuss your customised marketing package and be one step closer to your marketing goals. 

We’re ready to brand you! 



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