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We have something for you!

And that is our... 

SMB - Social Media BASIC Package! 

We are pleased to present you our customised social media marketing offer to present your brand effectively. 

Our BASIC package includes: 

  • Content Creation and Planning: We create effective and eye-catching ideas for your social media content and draw up a plan with you. 

  • Platforms and frequency: We create and publish high-quality posts once a week on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or the platform of your choice to regularly update your content and increase your follower numbers. 


  • Caption and hashtags: We create engaging captions that effectively convey your message and relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts and maximise your reach. 

  • Post creation and image editing: We create your posts according to your corporate design and offer simple image editing. 

  • Story and story highlight: We regularly create story posts to reach your followers and target group and catch them with behind-the-scenes insights and current events. We also create story highlights and the corresponding cover image to present your most important content on a permanent basis. 


Let's make your brand a success together through effective social media marketing. Contact us today to discuss your customised marketing package. 

We’re ready to brand you! 



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